[platform-testers] new snapshot available: coreutils-8.27.99-3ebdc3
(too old to reply)
Pádraig Brady
2017-08-31 05:42:22 UTC
I notice the new test-fts in gnulib was taking a while,
and it creates 128K files/dirs on a quick look.
It creates 65,000 directories and 4 files. On my old desktop (no flash, just
hard disk, ext4, Fedora 26) it takes 17 s real time. If this is too much, I
suppose we can mark the test as expensive, or remove it.
Yes that would be useful to mark as expensive
(I didn't know one could mark gnulib tests as such)
$ mkdir t && cd t
$ seq 65535 | xargs mkdir
$ du -hs .
The attached gnulib patch seems to exclude the test as coreutils
uses --with-tests with gnulib-tool