OpenVMS first test run report summary
(too old to reply)
John E. Malmberg
2017-07-19 13:31:03 UTC
Testsuite summary for dummy 0
# TOTAL: 1146
# PASS: 874
# SKIP: 99
# XFAIL: 0
# FAIL: 173
# XPASS: 0
# ERROR: 0

This is with local changes enough to get everything to compile with out
warnings and link. Some configure tests were disabled with pre-defined

The test-readtokens apparently hangs. Watched it consume no CPU at
least 1/2 hour before killing that test.

Any test that uses fork(), exec(), or system() is pretty much expected
to fail on OpenVMS at this point.

Some OpenVMS C library behavior is controlled by feature settings. A
minimal set of features such as report filenames in Unix format were set.

The total time from running the running the tests from the gnulib-tool
to the make check completing seems to be somewhere around 24 hours.

The gnulib-tool run time is about 45 minutes on a 2.1 Ghz PC running

The build system is an OpenVMS 8.4 HP RX-2600 1.6 Ghz CPUs, (Itanium).

The source files are NFS served over a 100 Mb dedicated ethernet link
from the Fedora/25 PC.

I have not started investigating the failures.