[pygnulib] gnulib-tool: license transformers
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Dmitry Selyutin
2017-10-02 20:32:08 UTC
Hi all,

I continue developing a new pygnulib version. One of my goals is to replace command-line
invocations with native Python constructs; one of the details that caught my attention is that
I've carefully ported some of the sed invocations, especially the ones related to copyright text
replacement (cf. gnulib-tool:4866-4962).

The most part of these sed invocations seems clear and can be greatly simplified in Python
(e.g. there is no need to construct regex just to replace "GNU General" with "GNU Lesser
General" and so on). However, I still cannot understand how 3orGPLv2 part works (see line
4889); as far as I remember, the --lgpl=3orGPLv2 appeared somewhere after the Python
implementation was done and is not still supported by the current gnulib-tool.py.

Could you help me, please? I don't quite get what happens here. I'd also be very grateful if you
could also shed some light on lines 4915 and 4929 (related to numeric version parsing).

P.S. Could suggest some files to train my regular expressions on?
With best regards,
Dmitry Selyutin