findutils 4.6.0 v. Tru64 (strftime() v. "%F"?)
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Paul Eggert
2017-05-25 21:04:34 UTC
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So yes, either findutils should be using nstrftime() and not strftime()
(which will guarantee that these sequences work), or it is indeed time
to patch gnulib to provide a replacement strftime() on platforms that
are not POSIX-compliant (and then still patch findutils to use the newer
It's actually probably easier it findutils just starts using
nstrftime(), regardless of what else gnulib does, but it's at least
pointing out that gnulib should be documenting the known pitfalls in
native strftime() implementations.
Yes to changing findutils to use nstrftime, and to documenting strftime
gotchas in Gnulib.

Not sure if it's worth wasting people's time writing a replacement
strftime. nstrftime provides more functionality and should be more portable.